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 Regarding the game

Jump and fly your way through peril in this rhythm-based action platformer!

In the world of Geometry Dash, you will face a near-impossible challenge. You must test the limits of your abilities as you leap, fly, and flip through perilous passages and spiked obstacles.

Numerous levels and simple one-touch gameplay will keep you enthralled for hours.


  • Great game; I’ve enjoyed it for probably a decade. I am aware that version 2.2 is not yet available and it has been nearly six years since the last update, so my rating is based on my current experience. The main levels are enjoyable and excellent, and the difficulty rises at an appropriate rate. The editor is awe-inspiring and packed with features, but I wish it were more intuitive. The greatest issue I have is with the Map Packs; they are not entertaining and contain obsolete levels. Currently, they are simply not worthwhile. 4/5 as of 2.11.
  • Excellent game, well worth the price! It is vastly superior to the minimal version because it contains far more content and no advertisements. Note, however, that the data does not transfer, so you will have to start from beginning if you decide to switch. I was able to effectively transfer my data from a different device, but I had to modify a profile setting in order to do so. Otherwise, the data was not transferred, leaving me with an empty account. Also, Robtop is a single individual, so please be patient with the 2.2-second delay.
  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes when I hop off the game and decide to get back on, it doesn’t save anything I’ve done, like Progress, now this isn’t progress as you will loose all your stuff, but more tiny progress for each level like some of the intended levels to play or community levels, the only way to save your progress sometimes is by getting 10 stars on a level. It’s a great game with lots of diversity in their levels in their community.
  • The spikes do not have a rotation angle that is compatible in any way with the slopes that are two blocks long. Since completing a turn that is 90 degrees followed by a turn that is 45 degrees doesn’t work, adding spikes to 2bls, which are slopes that are two blocks long, can be rather challenging. Manual rotation to try and get it to a good-looking angle is a bit of a hassle, but it’s not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination. No, I do not want version 2.2 to be held up, but it would be nice to see this very soon. In addition to that, we offer game options of both a miniature and a standard scale. What about game modes with a large amount of content?